Ondřej Gargula

Ondřej Gargula

Obor: Čtyřletý všeobecného gymnázia

Školní vzdělávací program: Projektovou výukou k všestrannosti

Rok maturitní zkoušky: 2012

„GMVV was truly a blessing to me! Life of a successful athlete and successful student at the same time is hard to coordinate usually but that was not the case for me. All faculty attitudes toward student athletes at GMVV is very tolerant and helpful. I would like to thank especially to prof. Hana Třebická and the headmaster Renáta Zajíčková that they were willing to work around my basketball schedule. GMVV is not like many other high schools in Czech, they support their athletes because they see how athletic success of their students can also benefit their school as well! Currently I am a junior (3rd year student) at Lubbock Christian University in Texas, majoring in Economics and majoring in Digital Media Arts. Because of my strong and wide base of knowledge which I gained throughout my highschool experience at GMVV I can happily say I don't have any academic struggles. I still get to use and apply things I have learned there! Good luck and congratulation to all current and future students for choosing the right place to for their bright future career.“

Ondřej Gargula ,Former Student of GMVV, Alumni Student of Lubbock Christian University in Texas, USA

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