Šimon Zajíček

Šimon Zajíček

Obor: Osmiletý se zaměřením na výuku cizích jazyků

Školní vzdělávací program: Umění komunikovat

Rok maturitní zoušky: 2013

''When I decided to pursue my dream to study and play basketball for an American university, I encountered many obstacles that I had to overcome. To my great surprise, school at GMVV was not one of them. I had no problem with my professors letting me go to practices or games. There was always an agreement between me and every professor about the work I will have to do on my own to catch up with the class. My class advisor, professor Třebická, discussed my schedule with me and she was a great help with the management of my timetable for each year. I had an easy transition here at William Jewell College, because the care that I am given here is no different from the care I was given at GMVV. I am thankful for that. I hope there are many athletes at GMVV now, and I want to encourage them to communicate their dreams with their class advisors, because I know how much help they can be given. Also, the quality of professors at GMVV is at the same level as the quality of professors at my college here in USA. This was a great find for me that my highschool prepared me for US university perfectly. I know that GMVV can do it for all who seek the appropriate help.''

Šimon Zajíček, Former student of GMVV, Alumni Student of William Jewell College in Missouri, USA


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